I went outside for the first time in 10 days. It was much needed time in the sun, but also I needed to finally take out the trash and bring the recyclables to the special container further down the street - this was the furthest I've gone in the past two months. I was quite shocked that spring had sprung, in my mind we were still in early March. It was warm outside and the wonderful trees had blossomed, showing Edinburgh's beautiful spring colors! I felt happy that I witnessed it, but also sad that I am not able to go outside more and enjoy spring like in previous years.

One weekend I decided to see

Edinburgh’s Forth Bridge. The bus ride itself was amazing, roads that lead to this beautiful place had already amazed me. Well that distracted me and I get off the bus from a place that I was not supposed to. I love exploring the city by foot so that did not bothered me until I found myself in a forest.  I thought well this looks like a jungle but what is the worst thing that could happen. I took the road did a little bit of a trekking, when I looked right I saw the most beautiful red bridge. I went to the end to the road and realized that the place I was in not a jungle but a small trekking area. This happens when you are in a foreigner land right? Everything looks different than it actually is… Well, after that lovely trekking I got a chance to get closer to the bridge and took these amazing pictures. That little boat and the people is an image I will carry with me whole my life. 

This picture is from the first time

I went to the portobello. That day was amazing. When I first went there it was all sunny along the way it rained a bit.. No surprise there right?? Then rain stopped and I saw a wonderful rainbow. Then sun came up again and the same thing happened about three times. Rainbow festival!

During the lockdown time, I started going there again and this time with a friend. It takes about an hour to there by walk. This helped me to get a bit of exercise, pass time, relieve stress and have a chance to catch up with a friend. 

It is assuring to know that there is a place that I can go and forget all about my worries.

What I want to say about this place is does not matter when or with whom you go there it is always as beautiful…

When I first arrived at Edinburgh

 last summer, I was immediately impressed by its lovely bungalows, beautiful streets, and kind people. Although I was busy with schoolwork, I still took the time to visit the beautiful corners of this charming city, and I participated in large and small activities and events. In the pandemic, the originally lively and bustling urban area gradually became sparsely populated, silent and quiet. Although sometimes I feel lonely and worried, the birds in spring still sing on the branches, the elegant swans still swim in the lake, and the pink flowers still bloom on the tree branches. A humorous response from the supermarket staff makes stressful people smile. Edinburgh is not only cute, beautiful, friendly, but warm!


The Project
was developed as part of the Dissertation from the University of Edinburgh's Design Informatics course.  This platform invites people to share their views through written their first-hand stories, diaries and photographs of their daily lives under the COVID-19 lockdown and get inspired by the others.
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