Storytelling as part of the human experience, it outlines each story as a narrative approach and turns an ordinary experience to a meaningful journey. This dissertation aimed to examine how storytelling roles as a beneficial approach to engage and inspire international university students during the COVID- 19 pandemic by sharing their own experience and gather their collective consciousness to Edinburgh city. The goal of this dissertation was to investigate how these students considered storytelling as a socializing tool to improve the social network in the city by sharing their story as a new form of communication. To answer the research questions, an online platform was created based on the results of data analysis. Interviews were conducted for an in-depth understanding of the preferable formats of storytelling and people's perspective in terms of social platform use. 

The result indicated that digital storytelling could be useful for reducing the sense of isolation and loneliness to people during the lockdown and contribute to society regarded to the localism aspect. In general, such a tool was suggested beneficial to the users under the crisis. 


The Project
was developed as part of the Dissertation from the University of Edinburgh's Design Informatics course.  This platform invites people to share their views through written their first-hand stories, diaries and photographs of their daily lives under the COVID-19 lockdown and get inspired by the others.
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